Benefits of One on One Coaching and why All Companies should do it?


Small to medium enterprises have teams from a few employees to up to 250 of them. They are often a system that needs thorough management and understanding of how things work inside the company. Of course, all this if the owners want it to grow.

If they don’t know how, they’ll surely struggle in setting the perfect tone and working structure. This is why owners need managers who are skilled in setting the proper relations between employees and the different structural levels.

They need to have everyone happy, satisfied, and honest. This is the best way to drive the business forward. Not always this is possible by itself and constant improvement is needed. In this article, we’re talking more about how to achieve this.

We’ll talk about one on one coaching and how it can improve the situation. If you want to know more about these things, then follow up and see what we have prepared!

What is one on one coaching?

One on one coaching is a chance for every employee to spend some time with their managers alone and tell them everything they have in mind. Although these talks are meant to be work-related, they often turn into emotional outbursts, as business and life have a tight relation.

Personal life problems can often be the reason why someone isn’t performing 100% at work, and this is something that managers need to know. With this information, they’ll know how to act accordingly and handle the problem.

As a general rule, managers need to listen 90% of the time and only speak 10%. This is because they need to show their employees that they care, but also to get as much information as possible. It’s normal for them to get notes and find solutions for some issues afterward.

Employees get the chance to tell how they feel

This is the best way for employees to open up and talk about their problems in the company. They have a free and safe space to talk about their colleagues, the workload, but also their bosses. They can share opinions about how they feel, what’s bugging them and what they’d like to change. See why this is crucial on the link.

Companies that have happy and satisfied employees are successful ones. The business is driven by the people who are the lowest in the ecosystem, and they need to be sure that their future in the company is guaranteed. When they see that the management is ready to listen to their opinion, they get the feeling of appreciation.

Having some time every month to tell their bosses how they feel and things to get off their chest will make the entire working atmosphere better. If they can speak about their problems, they’ll be more relaxed and happy. Just like going to a psychiatrist with the difference that this one is work-related.

The coaching helps the company create a healthy atmosphere

When workers speak about how they feel and what they’d like the management to change, the managers take notes and see what’s missing in the company. Of course, some might think that all employees need to have their private jet, but when it comes to logical needs, the managers will take notes and try to make things work.

Let’s say that some of the employees complain about the temperature in the office and how everyone is sweating because the person closest to the air-conditioned is freezing. Everyone will be anxious if the temperature is unbearable.

Solving this problem and placing one or more air-conditioners strategically will solve the office problem and relax the ties between employees. They’ll start feeling better and start communicating again as colleagues should. A small investment like this will make people function much better.

Raises the productivity levels

When things between colleagues are perfect, and employees respect the orders from their bosses, then everything is set for success. Productivity levels rise when the office atmosphere is perfect. Without having everything set as it should be, the company won’t grow.

There are more factors of why companies rise and fall. Most managers ignore this fact and they fail to set a satisfying working atmosphere, but this is the key to make people more productive. Of course, there are other methods also working fine, but without having an office that is acting as a collective this isn’t going to be possible.

The employees need to work as one, and if they don’t agree on something, they won’t talk to each other when needed. Having them resolve the issues in these one on one talks, can be highly beneficial and helpful. See more about productivity at work here:

Gives managers a heads up about things that might escalate

The best thing about having these talks is having an insight into what’s happening behind the managers’ offices. When you can get the employees to share their opinion and even a little gossip, it can give the managers a head up to prevent things from escalating.

If two employees can’t get a mutual language on some issues, then a mediator must get between them before things become ugly. This is all normal human behavior, and only those who think that dignity must be kept while at work will fail to resolve problems before it’s too late.

Instead, a good manager will get into action and talk with all involved parties. They’ll find a solution to their problem, and if necessary, they’ll have to sack one of them. The company growth needs a sacrifice from time to time as there’s often no other way to solve the problems.



Every company needs hard-working employees, but great managers to run things are also a key factor for things to move forward. Having one on one sessions is crucial for raising the atmosphere and see benefits from the work.

If you are a decision-maker in a small or medium enterprise, be sure that having these coaching sessions from time to time can improve the success tremendously in the long run.