Teamwork is very much needed in the world of work. Yep! Teamwork is embedded in many companies so that all employees have strong teamwork. It is true that teamwork does not always bring benefits to us. Even so, like everything else, teamwork also has some disadvantages for running it. One of the disadvantages of teamwork is that we will experience stress because too many conflicts occur. Logically, the more people there are, the more ideas will be conveyed, and the conflict will be more diverse.

Even so, teamwork remains an important thing to apply in the workplace. The importance of teamwork is also one of the keys to success for geniuses in ancient times. There have been so many famous inventors and geniuses until now who used to be very dependent on teamwork. To build a team with creative teamwork, we can use hidden door services.

What are some ways to enhance creative teamwork?

Creative teamwork is needed so that we can still excel together with the team. There are 4 ways we can apply to enhance creative teamwork. Anything? Let us consider the following explanation.

  1. Ensure All Team Members Are Really Included.

The first and foremost thing for us to think about is ensuring that all team members are truly involved in every work process. Don’t let them feel left behind. Believe me, that is a very painful thing. When there is one or several team members who feel left behind, then creative teamwork will not be formed properly.

So, what can we do to improve creative teamwork in this regard? The solution, we need to use digital power. We can use a common digital space that is easily accessible to all employees or team members. The goal is that they can all share their ideas or creative work. In this way, leaders will not forget to include all team members in the creative teamwork process.

  1. Reduce Use of E-mail as Teamwork Media.

The use of e-mail is still very well known today. Unfortunately, only 30% of people use e-mail as effective media teamwork to provide feedback on visual documents sent via e-mail, such as pictures or videos.

Logically, how can we create creative teamwork if there are only a few interactions and feedback? In addition, only 30% actively participated, while 66% of them only became silent observers.

Then, what’s the solution? Instead of being too fixated on email as a teamwork medium, why not use more effective communication methods such as direct discussions (presentations), video conferencing or online meetings.

  1. Increase Frequency in Communicating.

Teamwork with excellent teamwork turns out to always maintain their communication regularly. That is, their frequency of communication is very frequent. All team members talk to each other, interact, listen to each other. They are also often involved in informal communication such as drinking coffee together outside the office to look for ideas together or just enjoy the beautiful afternoon with colleagues. Communication that is established with a high frequency will facilitate the formation of creative teamwork.

      4. Make Sure We Recruit Talented Team Members.

To maximize the creative teamwork process that we want, we need to make wise and selective selections from the start. Teamwork requires people who are tough and truly talented. That is why one of the keys to effective creative teamwork is to ensure that all team members have shining talents.

In other words, we may not just choose to include someone in the work process of our creative team. Avoid buying “cats in a sack”, because, with the right selection process, creative teamwork will be easier to create.

To achieve success and success of a company, we not only need genius human resources. However, we also need creative teamwork. However, creative teamwork also requires hard work from its human resources.

By applying the 4 ways above, it will be easier for us to grow creative teamwork on further projects.